Hello everyone!

I believe some introductions are in order: my name is Milan Vukas; I was born on 02.V.1998. in Kruševac, Serbia (then Serbia and Montenegro). I enjoy reading manga, fantasy novels, and mythology (mostly Greek), and watching Supernatural and Xena: The Warrior Princess.

I also do some writing: mostly poetry (not the creepy type) and some stories for this page (definitely the creepy type), as well as working on a major project; my very own manga series.  

The Pastas I have written (or copied) can be viewed here

As I am currently in a writer's blocade, and could use something to keep me ocupied, I will accept up to 5 suggestions for poetry Pastas. Submissions can be made within 12 hours from the moment of creation of this blog; just leave a comment. Please note that I am not asking for ideas, but rather just trying to kill some boredom, and write a Pasta that somebody could like. You may dedicate the Pasta for somebody, if you want. 

And that is about all. If you wish to ask me something else, don't hesitate to do so in the comments (trolls will be treated cruelly and without mercy).