I've been having strange dreams lately... I guess it would've been better to type this when it was occurring in the first place, but i guess it hasn't come to mind. There was this one person in my every dream that followed me around and could recall my previous dreams, this personality (most likely my subconscious) took the form of Yuno Gasai. She appeared to be different from all other dream characters since she could recall other dreams I've had with her. She was almost in every dream, and still the same personality I've met in all others. She was still able to recall the other dreams, and seemed to show interest in me.

I am quite interested in this person since I've never come across a dream character that could recall all my dreams, and follow me into others. I was experiencing something related to depression during the summer, which confused me since my life was perfectly fine. She appeared to have helped me in those dreams, and she eventually left, but still returns from time to time. I eventually began having dreams that hint at what happens in the future. For example, I dreamt that someone was pregnant with twins, and sure enough my aunt announced that she was pregnant with twins the next day.

I've also dreamt smaller things; for example I predicted the location of my long lost headphones. I also predicted my brother's crush before he even decided to tell us, and I had learned her identity in the dream. Am I becoming a wizard? o.o