Hey guys, things have been going just fine, although my insomnia appears to have returned. I don't think I'll write too much this time, since I'm not summarizing a whole week like I usually do. My insomnia is nothing new, I've been struggling with it for about two and a half years, so it shouldn't be too much of a big deal. As I've mentioned in my last blog, I was suffering from writer's block; which basically means that I won't be able to come up with some new yummy pastas anytime soon.

Writing has actually been a hobby of mine since I was very young, and my family (Mainly my aunt) saw a lot of potential in me. I can't say that I'm a good writer, but I enjoy what I do, and hope that I deliver a few scares or some entertainment to those who read my pastas. But whether I'm good at writing or not, I'll never get to become a well known pasta writer if I'm stuck here with this writer's block will I? Of course not, so I think I've found the perfect opportunity to inspire me at least a little. So my mom recently told me that my Uncle just came back from out of country, and he's planning to go fishing and hunting, and wants me and my brother to tag along.

I'm not one for killing anything, but I guess it could be a good experience. I should be open to new things every now and then; since my life is just kinda silent and boring. He's going to take us fishing and hunting in the woods late in the day, and possibly in the night; which means creepy atmosphere and creepy stories to be thought up or told. I am worried about my brother though, since the guy can't even watch a movie where a dog dies without crying; but he still seems like he wants to go. I doubt he'll actually kill anything though... I don't think killing... well, pretty much anything is easy to do.

Unless it's a spider, I'll kill that shit... with fire. So I think that this experience could prove to be a possible solution to my writer's block or just another new hobby. I've also heard that my cousin is going to this comic-con soon, and my mom asked if I could go. I possibly can, but the answer isn't out yet. This will actually be the first comic-con I'll go to, so I'm pretty hyped for it. I could write my experience with the comic-con and the hunting in the woods in a later blog; that is if anyone is interested.

Who knows, maybe I'll stumble upon something creepy out there and write a "Based on a true story" pasta. That's all for now I guess... Later guys :P