Hey guys,

So I already came up with a plot for my newest story. It's going to consist of a journal update format or something. So I'll be uploading bits and pieces every day. I'll probably have one up by today or tomorrow. I still gotta learn my way around this new way of writing, since I've never done it before.

Anyways, with that out of the way; I'm doing a project for world history where I have to teach the class about any topic I'm interested in. I wanted it to be about the paranormal, since the paranormal always sparks some form of interest in anyone. Most people are doing it about foot ball players or whatever, which is a huge Snooze-fest in my oppinion. They've done it so many times that the class already falls asleep and the teacher doesn't allow them anymore. The problem is; there's so much paranormal topics out there, that I have no idea where to begin.

If you guys have a topic you'd like me to present, please leave it in the comments below. There's a criteria the topic has to meet though, before I consider it do-able.

It has to meet the following criteria:

1. It cannot be Aliens; it was already taken.

2. It has to be able to be researched. There has to be evidence or facts I can use to back up my presentation. Dates help too.

3. Make sure it isn't seriously gruesome or dark. Like I could do reports on ghosts or demons, but don't go overboard on the unholy topics. I go to a catholic school, and let's just say too much of that will land me in the councilor's office.

4. Make it interesting. Something unexplainable, but with evidence, research, dates, etc. Something I can teach about, but that will catch everyone's attention and make them think to; maybe even entice them to jump in and offer their own oppinions.

5. Historic anomalies like weird remains or strange artifacts, along with theories about them are highly welcome.

6. If you have your own theories and topics you'd like to share, you are very welcome to share.

you can leave your topics and suggestions at the bottom. I'll even make a report that'll explain about that topic, and post it as one of my future blogs. I'll give the person credit and mention his/her name for the suggestion. Thanks in advance.


Havoc98 (talk) 20:56, January 24, 2014 (UTC)