THE VINTAGE DOLL

                                                                  a creepypasta by Haunted Elmo

Jack Lester had always had a lot of money. his parents had owned a succesfull hotel chain which had branches in lots of countries, due to this you might say he was a stuck-up snob. he had no friends or family, his parents were killed in an accident involving a well in the grounds, it was no secret Jack murdered them for the money due to the fact his parents were certain to have left it all to him, being their only child. the old man only ever saw one person, his houskeeper. the man had worked for his parents and was a family friend but the only reason jack had kept the housekeeper is because his parents stated in their will that he could only have the money if he kept the housekeeper, so he did, begrudgingly anyway. you may have noticed i am talking about Jack Lester in a past tense. that is because Jack Lester is dead,  he has been dead for two weeks. i have managed to persuade the housekeeper ( who wishes to remain anonymous ) to tell me the full story. so here it is, on the day of his death jack lester received a doll, i know it sounds odd but he received a vintage doll, one of the creepy things that i'm pretty sure nobody likes. he immedialtley jumped to the conclusion it was a prank which some youths thought would be funny, he grumbled about complaining to the local authorities but wouldn't as he never left the house. Jack quickly chucked the doll into the fire and thought no more of it. but that night the housekeeper claims to have heard screaming from the old man's room. he was having nightmares, who knows about what but i think you've figured it out. the next night Jack lester refused to go to sleep and instead sat in his chair eyes wide and alert as if waiting for someone... or something. the housekeeper went home that night to see his grandchild. the next day he entered the house and found Lester's chair facing the fire  he saw a hand on the arm of the chair, but to his alarm the hand was made of wood. he sped in front of the chair and to his horror there sat Jack lester, a Jack lester doll.                                                                                                                                                            a few days ago i received a package. last night i had nightmares plagued by vintage dolls. as i am writing this i can slowly feel my limbs turn... to wood.