• Harmonex


    August 11, 2012 by Harmonex

    Perhaps, from the title or my join date, it sounds as if I'm about to introduce myself. There is no need for that, as a person should be defined by their actions. If I stay around, then you'll all know me without an introduction. No. This is about my introduction into horror.

    You see, until recently I did not even know what Creepypasta was. As a pedant, I kind of disagree with the term "pasta" being used for many of the stories on this site, but I go with it since language has a tendency to evolve in unexpected directions.

    I was introduced to the concept through some innocuous games (which I'm sure you can narrow down without my explaining), which lead me to the story of "Ben Drowned". As someone who played many games from as early as the At…

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