• HarlowingSade

    "you've upset me..."

    January 5, 2014 by HarlowingSade

    It was a new day, and what I mean by as a new day today is where I move. Yes, yes I am moving if you could already tell I did not want to move. I already begged my parents that I didn't want to move, but we moved anyways. Surprisingly the house was really big then my other home, I found it odd because my family could never afford a big house such as this one. I was in my new room unpacking my boxes my bed was already set same with my parents. I finally got to the last box after several hours of unpacking, I was almost done until mom called me down for dinner she said she'd order pizza and I was fine with that. A couple of minutes later it finally arrived, dad paid him and got into is vehicle and then drove off. I had a lot of pizza then wh…

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  • HarlowingSade

    Real Name: Unknown

    CP Name: Harlowing Sade

    Age: 17

    Weapon: Dagger

    Hobby: Cutting off people's heads normally, or for fun

    Favorite Food: Hearts

    Saying: "you've upset me...""

    Crush/BF: Eyeless Jack/E.J

    Friends: Smile the Dog

    Her story:

    It was just a normal day in Wilson vile, I was walking around minding my own business I was kind of mad. My parents made me move to Wilson Vile because dad had to transfer he's job from California to Wilson Vile, it was so boring here there was nothing to do all my friends were in California and I was stuck here!" I don't want to be here, I want to go home. By the time I found my way back it was dinner time, I had to admit I was pretty hungry. I told mom what or where I was, she then told me "Well make sure to be safe",…

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