Hey guys! Yeah, it's me. That person whose blog posts consist largely of questions regarding a creepypasta she's writing, but she has never actually posted her own creepypasta. I lack focus, I guess. But I promise that I'm trying my best.

Anyhoo, I'm here to - you guessed it - ask a question. Is it normal/all right for someone to write a creepypasta story with the intention of making a series out of it? Basically, I have this idea for a creepypasta that is a five parter. The first four parts each focus on a different monster/mystery/bad guy. By the way, one of the parts does focus on the monster I alluded to in my last blog post. Anyway, there will be an overarching story in each part. Said overarching story is finally focused on in the fifth part.

It is… an ambitious idea for me, especially considering that I haven't even finished my short 'pasta. But it is one that I would certainly like to try, since I have a fair idea on what the stories/story are/is. I'm just wondering, is it a normal thing for people to make a creepypasta series? Is it all right for people to do this?

-sigh- Will I ever be able to finish a 'pasta? I have no idea. I certainly hope so. Some answers would be fine, as usual. And as usual, I am deeply thankful for any answers that are offered.