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February 3, 2014
  • Hammerbig8

    amy michayla yandere

    February 4, 2014 by Hammerbig8

    i am not a big fan of amy rose this happen in that why i hate her she thinking about

    sonic all day she have chaseing him in love him aslo

    • She’s just a kid, she wished to be older so she can be with Sonic.
    • She’s a stalker. All she does is chase and harass Sonic, trying to force him to marry her.
    • She declared herself his girlfriend just because he’s her hero.
    • She’s a prep.
    • When there’s a new adventure, she gets herself involved by tracking him and does pretty much nothing but get in trouble. She only helps since she kinda has to.
    • She’s insane and attacks when she’s mad at something. She also threatened Cosmo for even mentioning Sonic in her first apperance in Sonic Wrecks.
    • She can’t do anything except swing her hammer, she can’t run fast, she can’t …

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