• Halloweenie

    You want to read a creepypasta and KNOW you're reading a good one? Well, here ya go:

    1. Herobrine
    2. The Teletubbies Theory
    3. Le' Cochon Dansuer
    4. Rap Rat
    5. Squidward's Suicide
    6. Dead Bart
    7. Hypno's Lullaby
    8. Mr. Mix
    9. Harry Potter and the Creepy Stone
    10. Spongebob's Suicide
    11. The Pee-Wee Murder Tapes
    12. Ronald McDonald Lost Commercial Creepypasta Parody
    13. LIARS
    14. Trust
    15. The Couch
    16. The Lost Episode of Wile E Coyote
    17. Ronald McDonald House
    18. Do Not Feed the Animals
    19. Normal Porn for Normal People
    20. Abandoned By Disney
    21. Sid's Video
    22. Room Zero
    23. Laughing Jack
    24. Jeff the Killer
    25. Lost Episodes
    26. Funnymouth
    27. Lavender Town Syndrome
    28. America's Funniest Videos Banned Episode
    29. The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back
    30. Pokemon Silver
    31. Pokemon Black
    32. Scream of the End
    33. Douglas Not-So-Funny
    34. Whimsywood
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  • Halloweenie


    February 6, 2014 by Halloweenie

    Hey, can someone rewrite 'Harry Potter and the Creepy Stone' for me? I wanted to read it, but it got deleted before I could.

    If any of you know this pasta then please rewrite it in the comment section.... 

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