I stood at the top of the stairs. His eyes staring back at me; Piercing down into my soul like iron daggers. lt was if I was losing all of my innocence just by looking at him. But all I could do; was stare. His Blood-shot red eyes and his face seemed contorted and twisted in every way. I couldn't take my eyes off of his; all I could focus on was his face. Blood stained around his mouth as sharp fangs grew out of the top sides of his lips. His hair was frayed and casscaded all over his face. We stared for hours, at no end, until finally a smile stretched across his ghastly face which forced me to blink in horror; and with that, he disappeared. I closed the door to the basement. I told myself continiously that, I wouldn’t open it again unless I absolutely had to.

I continued on with my daily life, trying to act as if nothing happened. At that moment, when he stared into my eyes, I felt possesed. But I was continuously bothered by his, or should I say, that thing’s image. Almost like I was craving to see him again. I longed for its face. I can’t do that. Whatever that thing wants is obviously demonic. I hope he just remains unseen. Unseen, Like how I wish I could forget him. I can’t. All I want is to see him now. I can’t undo what was done, although I wish I could, but then again, I’m almost happy I can’t. I seemed pretty understanding about what happened, without completely understanding. I don’t really get it myself. I sat myself on the couch and watched TV. It wasn’t amusing. I wasn’t amused. I felt expressionless. I longed for him now. Only steps away from the door… I stood and walked over. I slowly creaked the door open and looked through the crack. There he stood; steps closer now though. I could see his slender figure in the darkness. I could now see the shadow of his talons as he took a step up. I closed the door, frightened by the scene. I felt relieved that I saw him though. I felt myself again, I no longer longed to see him. I took a deep breath and out of curiosity I slowly opened the door again; he was gone. I sighed in relief. I turned and faced the TV. The TV was still on but it was a little sketchy. I walked over to the TV and toyed with the antenna, which lead to it going into a static state. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and looked up to see a man, with a bloody face, just smiling at me. Then I remembered. I forgot to close the basement door.