• HadesKid666

    The Start

    June 28, 2012 by HadesKid666

    Hello CreepyPasta World! Itsbeen almostoneyear since I started reading Creepy Pasta.CreepyPastaIve everead was Ben, you know the haunted Majoras Mask cartrage. I then started to read more such as String Theroy, Smile Dog, The Rake,Squidwards Suicide and many more. Ive been dying to be a writer all my life and I couldnt decide what Genre I wanted to write about. Since I started reading these Pastas I know now I want to write horror stories. Now I know what your thinking "Oh you just want to make your own Pastas to make money off of instead of putting them on Internet like us," No!

    I have a secret that I want to tell to tell the world. I have very powerful paranormal abilities, it all started when I was eight years old. Kept having visions of…

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