So basically I'm writing this to tell you about myself.

My name's Gunner. I was born and raised in The Asscrack of Nowhere, Ohio. (Actually Northwest Ohio, just the rural area.) I'm nearly 17 (just a couple months basically).

Appearance: 6'2", black (short-ish) hair, brown eyes, and built pretty decent. Hobbies: School football, skateboarding, drawing, and of course writing.

I've had an interest in writing since I was about 12 or maybe 13. I wrote short stories, non-fiction ghost books, and little faux-newspapers. I matured a bit and started writing for a purpose when I discovered Creepypasta. At that point I became serious with my stories. I made more advanced plot lines, twists, character development, and in-depth describing.

My Style of Writing: Basic character development. I allow the story to go on to show what kind of person the narrator is. I write more first-person POV than anything else. More meaty story, less dialogue. I rarely write dialogue and if I do it's a very brief.

I have two Pastas on this site. 'Country Living' and 'Hole to Hell'. Country Living is a knock-off personal Rake story. Hole to Hell is a bit harder to describe.

Well, that's all! Thanks for reading if you did and I hope to contribute more to this wiki!