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Why is it that some people to this day see Sanic.exe as a good pasta?

I mean seriously, it's horrible in all ways imaginable.

You know what, I'll make a checklist of the stuff that makes it so bad:

Bloody title and it only apearing for a split second: check.

Bloody Sonic with RED EYES and Blood Everywhere: check.

Blood, bloody, bloodyness, gore, moar blood: check.

Overused gore: check.

Various stuff in the game(such as save slots, characters and various options/buttons) that the original didn't have: to an extent, check.

Friend who mails you the game with a warning DON'T PLAY OR ELSE DEMONS AND BAD STUFF: check.

Big fan of the series: check.

Killer plushies: check.

And even with all of this it is still held in pretty high esteem by some. I smell a protective fanbase. It wasn't enough that Jeff has one, it apears this load of crap has one. O am just sorrily mistaken/blindsighted?

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