before i go ahead and write my pastas I need to know if these pastamonsters are too overpowered I'll just say their powers and stuff

Grokorrus: can smell something from a mile away, can run up and down walls without injury, super strenght and speed, able to open portals to dimensions, can summon animals from the dead, can make his claws bigger or make spiked-claw-like things come out of his knuckles, can whip people with his tail, can regenerate his body parts, able to shapeshift (im guessing overpowered XD) and able to bite through the toughest of metal, he is also immune to cold and fire"

Koah: a wizard who can open portals to dimensions, shapeshift, sense any attack move, can control thunder,lightning,hail, rain and lava, he can also fly and has the strenght of 20 men"

Serpeton: a huge monster lizard who has super strenght, can climb across all surfaces and can take abilities from certain creatures/people (it doesn't hurt them unless he wants it to hurt them) he can also smell blood from 5 miles away"

Dneeth: no physical form, usually appears to those who are on the verge of death or on the verge of unlocking an ancient horror, or a secret, he can possess, mess with your mind, make you feel fear, make the room hot or cold, make the room pitch black, put images of anything infront of you, make illusions and blow stuff up (probably overpowered)"

Well i think thats it please tell me if they are overpowered or not and tell me which ones are overpowered and which ones arent