Most of the stories I see on this site are written in first person (i.e. with the narrator of the pasta being one of the characters). And when I say most... I mean pretty much all of them. I've seen more from the second-person POV than third person. The only famous one I've read that takes place from the narrator's point of view is Jeff The Killer- but because that story was obviously written by someone too young to be on this wiki, I don't consider that too much of an achievement.

Forgive me if I seem biased. But I think at least a few experienced writers out there will agree that it's actually harder to write something engaging from the first-person point of view. It's somewhat easier to focus on plot, but also makes it harder to describe the characters and setting. Admittedly, it's also a little less believable. If the main character was killed, then they wouldn't be able to write a pasta about it. If they were traumatized, it's highly unlikely that they would remember more than scant details.

But I'm not saying that first person can't be good. It absolutely can- Normal Porn For Normal People is a very good pasta that narrates from the protagonist's point of view. Same with Squidward's Suicide. Still, in my opinion, there is a bit of a shortage of third-person narrated stories here...