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What Makes A GOOD Pasta

I posted this on my tumblr a few weeks ago. I think it's pretty good advice for the writers on this wiki and I hope you guys get some inspirations from it.

  • -Heads getting chopped off
  • -Eyes getting gouged out
  • -Hair being ripped off
  • -Teeth being torn out
  • -Tongues being cut or torn out
  • -Lips being sliced off
  • -Throats being slit
  • -Spines being snapped
  • -Ribs breaking
  • -Shoulders being dislocated
  • -Chests being stabbed, cut, or crushed
  • -Entrails being pulled out
  • -Arms being broken or torn off
  • -Legs being broken
  • -Genitals being mutilated or cut off
  • -Knees being popped
  • -Toes and fingers being broken or cut off
  • -Veins being ripped out or severed
  • -Muscles being disembodied
  • -Skins being ripped off
  • -Skulls getting crushed
  • -A moderately or highly believable reason for any of the above actions and not just pure, sadistic violence.

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