This is something I notice a lot in creepypasta and I always go through and correct it when I do. When writing, you should almost always spell out numbers in their word form instead of just the number itself. It looks a lot more formal and honestly bugs me a little bit how often I see plain numbers plastered all through a story.

For some examples, write down "five" instead of just "5", "twenty-four" instead of "24", "three-hundred and sixty-five" instead of "365".  You could just display the number if it's a very large one, however- "1,256,997" is better than "one million, two hundred and fifty-six thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seven." (Although I've never seen a number that big in a pasta yet.)

Also, the same goes for words like "first", "second", "third" etc. Again, use word form, not number form. It looks better even though it takes slightly longer to type and I won't have to go through and edit it.