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Now I'm Angry

With myself.

  1. I missed a job interview for something that would have been an easy and well-paying job for the next ten weeks. Since I'm done school, I need a job now, and that would have been a great place to start, but I blew it.
  2. I fail at babysitting. I yelled at some kids and now I feel awful about it.
  3. I still can't control my temper.
  4. I feel like a failure at life right now for all these reasons.
  5. Because of this.

Ps my friend talked sense into me. You're just a hater. How did you find me? I'm unpopular. I don't have to listen to you. I make how I want to no matter what! This is my deviantart account I do MY own things! I don't know to listen to some hater that almost ruined my day! Go find someone else to annoy. Cause right now I don't need your shit! That may sound mean cause I know it is! It's just that pisses me off! You made me cry I DELETED HER WHOLE STORY BECAUSE OF YOU! *sighs* Ik very sorry for being like that but I'm just pissed now!

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