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My First Year On The Wiki

-I joined in late 2013 but didn't become active until around June 2014

-I started editing stories and giving out really harsh reviews when I realized I was actually allowed to.

-I started coming to chat and staying there way too much.

-I became a rollback and immediately started editing less and less every day for some reason.

-Meanwhile the Spinpasta trial was going on and I was hoping CPWC was going to come back.

-I asked for all of my stories to be deleted.

-Eventually I became VCROC when a certain someone pushed me to it enough.

-Then things kind of just settled down until now.

-Why am I even writing this?

-I just wanted to make this for the end of the year.

-It's been a good one and I hope 2015 is even better.

-So Happy New Year.

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