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My Attempt At Writing A Book

Earlier this year, I was actually attempting to write something long enough to fit into a book. I didn't get that far, but it really was not as challenging as I expected. I decided to stop this project because the central plot was too vague and nonsensical, and I was beginning to lose confidence in it. So I'm posting it to my dA instead because there's no way I can get anything published at my level. :P

It was supposed to be about a girl who, after killing a classmate accidentally, tries to hide the secret from everyone and breaks apart inside as a result. See what I mean when I said it was vague? ._. Oh, well

| Part I Chapters one and two. Chapter one was posted here earlier on the Workshop.

| Part II Chapters three and a bit of four.

So that's what I have. I still have years of improvement ahead of me, but I will try again. I will be sure to use a much more different subject, though. Remembering that I was able to stick with this for more than ten thousand words reminds me that I do have promise in writing and I am glad I didn't forget about it.

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