I have a feeling that many of the newer users are going to be leaving this site on account of the chat's shutdown (even though it probably is not permanent, chances are there will be a forum about its revival or something). Well, that's kind of stupid. The chat was an added feature to this site.

This is a wiki on how to write scary stories, and to read those that have been published. The chat played no part, significant or otherwise, in its functions. There's no reason to abandon ship and swim to the mainland because the movie theater in the cruise ship broke down.

I am sad that the chat had to be shut down and there are several users I will miss talking to. But that doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing wiki that has helped me grow as a writer already. I will continue to edit, publish, and critique everyday and I will always enjoy it. The rest of you should suck it up and do the same.