Alright. So as of last night, my computer seems to have a problem. The "Windows Explorer" file is corrupted, according to notifications I am receiving upon logging in, although at the current time my computer still appears to be fully functional. The only difference I have noticed is a slight decline in performance speed, particularly when I am waching YouTube and speaking in chat at the same time. My files are all still accessible.

1. What Is Not Working:

  • My system appears unable to perform a restore. I have attempted several times and I cannot get past a window that states my disk cannot be checked while it is running.
  • Malwarebytes and AVG have detected no threats with several scans in the past few days.
  • My computer froze before this problem was revealed.

2. What Might Have Caused The Problem?

I do not know where this problem has arisen from. I have not been doing any new or potentially troublesome activities as of late. Aside from this website, YouTube, deviantArt, IRC, FictionPress, Fanfiction, Quotev and Wikipedia, I use few other websites infrequently.

Aside from pictures and links in main chat, I have downloaded nothing in the past several months.

3. Will it get any worse?

That is what I am asking you all. If you know about this problem or have experienced it in the past, please let me know what I can expect.

4. How can I fix this?

Again, please, let me know.

5. Information on my laptop

An Acer running Windows 7. Two years old. Used every day.

Antivirus programs used are AVG and Malwarebytes.

Frequently used programs: Skype, Firefox, ReadPlease 2003, Microsoft Word, Paint, Windows Media Player


If worst comes to worst and my computer is no longer functional (i.e can't access this site), I do still have alternatives of getting online. There are two other computers in this house that I can use frequently, BUT neither of them are fast enough to run the programs I often use simeltaneously. If not, I can use the computers at my library for editing and story creation. So I will update this blog or make a new one if my computer is damaged, and while I most likely still be on the site, do not expect to see me on chat or skype if this or something else related happens. :(