This problem is persistent on the wiki, but I have seen way too much of it on many other writing sites (particularly, for some reason). Stories that are riddled with mispelled words, awkward or incomplete sentences, wrong capitalization, and the occasional wall of text. Honestly, even if you're only ten when you're writing something, if it's on a computer, you can correct most mistakes with the click of a button!

It just annoys me to no end when I see people who just can't be bothered to type in correct English. Whether it's on the comments section of YouTube, a text message or a fanfic, I see too many people who won't (or in some cases can't) use basic grammar. When have you ever read a book that contains one grammar error that you caught? It just looks so bad to see people who are so eager to post their 500- or 5000-word story not bother to do a basic spell and grammar check. I usually do it as I write and again before I post it. Yeah, I have caught a lot of embarassing mistakes in the past, but nobody's perfect, and I am not asking for perfection. I am asking for anyone who is going to post a story to do a rudimentary edit before they jump right in, because it really looks awful when you can so easily fix it.