1. I used to be an Air Cadet. I was until around the end of May this year because my squadron was dropping drastically in number. By the time I quit, I was a Flight Sergeant, the third-highest rank possible. .D.

2. I hate the post-apocalyptic genre of fiction. I find it to be kind of tired these days because it's being done so much it's a bit of a cliche now. Something about it just turns off my interest. I would rather see something about something before an apocalypse hits it, if anything.

3. But I love the Harry Potter books. I've read all of them except for the last one, and my most favorite would have to be the fifth. The series is one of those rare delights that actually gets better the farther you go into it, while a lot of books these days go in the opposite direction. (Think the Warrirocats series; the books now are nothing like what they used to be.)

4. I doodle all the time. My school papers are covered with octopi and kittens. My mum finds it annoying, but most of my teachers actually seem to like it. ._.

5. I have very bad handwriting. My words are messy and way bigger than most people write, and it also takes longer than typing and is less efficient. I prefer writing on a computer so much more than on paper.

6. In spite of how much I love to write, English is not one of my better subjects. My highest grade achieved in that subject was probably a 70; the average was 60. In grade eight, before I was interested in writing, I nearly failed.

7. I have an extremely short attention span, which I need to try controlling. :/ I'm constantly switching tabs on my computer, getting up to do something else, and putting things away all day long. Maybe I have OCD or something?

8. I haven't watched television in about six years. Many people don't have access to cable television here. But I don't think I'm missing much because there's so many shows I don't like.

9. I've never had a permanent FaceBook. I tried it when I was younger to contact friends easier, but I didn't like it much because it seemed like something conformist to me. Now, I mostly just use my little cellphone and Skype to talk to people.

10. I miss high school. I really do. I loved going to school every day way more than most people do. It was probably because the work was (usually) easy enough, the teachers and students were pretty good people, and I have some very good memories from times there. Graduating was almost as sad as it was triumphant for me.

BONUS: I watched someone throw a chair across the room one day in art class. It nearly hit me.