• Grizzly Bear

    I recently finished an adult horror novel that was easily one of the best things I've read in a while. It's called Unwanted (written by Kristina Ohlsson) and is the first in a trilogy. Unfortunately, my library doesn't carry the other two books so I am considering purchasing all three online.

    I'm gonna say right off the bat that this book feels like horror done right. Without spoiling any major plot details, the story starts with a six-year-old girl being abducted on a busy train in a Sweden station. The team of police officers think this is a case easily solved at first, but as the story unfolds it becomes something much more horrific than a simple custody dispute.

    The book is about 350 pages long and every single page is beautifully written.…

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  • Grizzly Bear

    Well. I felt like no matter how hard we tried, this was going to happen eventually. There were just too many problems and too few benefits to keeping the chat alive and getting rid of it is a burden off the shoulders for everyone who cares about this site. As I've said before, we are a literature site, not a chatroom, and I think we were treated as the latter for far too long.

    Now we can finally focus on creepypastas once more. No more worrying over modless nights, no more pointless arguing that goes on for days in the forums, much less drama, no more chat to distract us from what the site's real purpose always has been and always will be. It's a win-win to me. The people who want to chat can chat somewhere else. There's plenty of other pla…

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  • Grizzly Bear

    -I joined in late 2013 but didn't become active until around June 2014

    -I started editing stories and giving out really harsh reviews when I realized I was actually allowed to.

    -I started coming to chat and staying there way too much.

    -I became a rollback and immediately started editing less and less every day for some reason.

    -Meanwhile the Spinpasta trial was going on and I was hoping CPWC was going to come back.

    -I asked for all of my stories to be deleted.

    -Eventually I became VCROC when a certain someone pushed me to it enough.

    -Then things kind of just settled down until now.

    -Why am I even writing this?

    -I just wanted to make this for the end of the year.

    -It's been a good one and I hope 2015 is even better.

    -So Happy New Year.

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  • Grizzly Bear

    This is something I notice a lot in creepypasta and I always go through and correct it when I do. When writing, you should almost always spell out numbers in their word form instead of just the number itself. It looks a lot more formal and honestly bugs me a little bit how often I see plain numbers plastered all through a story.

    For some examples, write down "five" instead of just "5", "twenty-four" instead of "24", "three-hundred and sixty-five" instead of "365".  You could just display the number if it's a very large one, however- "1,256,997" is better than "one million, two hundred and fifty-six thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seven." (Although I've never seen a number that big in a pasta yet.)

    Also, the same goes for words like "first", …

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  • Grizzly Bear

    Alright. So as of last night, my computer seems to have a problem. The "Windows Explorer" file is corrupted, according to notifications I am receiving upon logging in, although at the current time my computer still appears to be fully functional. The only difference I have noticed is a slight decline in performance speed, particularly when I am waching YouTube and speaking in chat at the same time. My files are all still accessible.

    • My system appears unable to perform a restore. I have attempted several times and I cannot get past a window that states my disk cannot be checked while it is running.
    • Malwarebytes and AVG have detected no threats with several scans in the past few days.
    • My computer froze before this problem was revealed.

    I do not …

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