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Proof reading/proof readers

I'd like to apologize for asking such a mundane question, but I'm fairly new here and I thought it would be good if I could get this clarified. 

My memory may not be serving me properly, but I seem to remember seeing a list of emails somewhere where you'd send off a story to in order for it to be examined and deemed whether or not it should be uploaded onto the website. I have a short story (or the first part of a short story, at any rate) prepared but I'd like to perhaps get it looked at by somebody who might be able to tell me that I've done xyz incorrectly or abc is a little too much for this website.

I'd just like to say before I go any further that I've obviously gone through and proof-read my story, but is there a person I could send it to (i.e an admin and not somebody who would plagiarize it) just to have some feedback?

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