• Grammatik

    So hello,people.

    People've been asking the same crap to me over and over. Here is an answer to all of them wether they are important or not:

    Q: Is "Lie No More" your story?

    A: No,It's made by the previous owner of my account,my cousin. It's still listed under my username,though.

    Q: Are you a brony? (Keeps getting asked to me even though I avoid pony talk)

    A: No. Why would you think that I am one?

    Q: What's your first name?

    A: If you and I were close enough,,You would know my real name.

    Q: Why do you say "Soup" when you enter chat everytime?

    A: Well.... One time I typed "Sup", autocorrect corrected it to "Soup" and now it's the way it is.

    Q: When is your birthday?

    A: 10th of January.

    Well,those are pretty much it.

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  • Grammatik

    Can someone tell me the fuck is going on..?

    LiesTellTruth (talk) 11:34, July 19, 2012 (UTC)

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