About a year ago, I had the worst nightmare of my entire life. I still to this day cannot explain it. I was at my Dad's house the night this occurred.

In my dream I remember the feeling of being transported out of my body and feeling constricted. I couldn't move or breathe. The most abnormal thing ever. The next thing I remember was watching my body walk out in to the living room and I remember seeing this white bed sheet just floating in midair. No idea why it was just floating, but it just was. The blood was rushing in my veins and pulsing fast. I then heard this weird noise. It sounded like my own heart beat pulsing super fast. Then I heard an agressive groan. Sounded nothing like anything I had ever heard before.

Then the next thing I know, my soul was being transported back into my real body. Then I woke up immediently after and was sweating like crazy. I went to wake up my Dad and told him eveything that happened in my dream. He told me it was okay and to go back to sleep. I tried to do just that, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I felt like something was watching me and the next day I was still pondering on what happened that night.