Yes, you heard me. I'm currently in the early design phase of a 3D platformer inspired by creepypastas. Specifically, gaming pastas. The game will, of course, feature many staples of gaming pastas (hyper-realistic images, static and loud noises, etc.), while still attempting to be creepy and unsettling. You could say the game will be a love-letter to gaming pastas and creepypastas in general.

The working title for the game is "game.exe". I plan to actually develop this in a few years once I graduate college, and it will probably be for PC. Each copy of the game case will have a real piece of tape on the box with the name written on it in Sharpie. If someone buys the game and then peels off the tape, the phrase "You shouldn't have done that" will be printed underneath.

The main antagonist of the game will be my own mascot, the Skin Daddy.


There is no real discernible plot to the game. It's mostly a collection of levels. However, later on, the levels start to form a strange "narrative", implying that you're currently playing a haunted cartridge and the game is evil.


You play as a nightmarish creature named Nobody. Nobody has most common platformer moves, such as backflips, long-jumps, and wall-jumps. His main form of attack is causing enemies to glitch up.

The game's level system is unique. There are 100 levels in the game. However, a good majority of these levels are very short, some of them being less than a minute in length. These levels, called "segments", are interconnected. There are very few cutscenes in the game; only an introduction cutscene, an end-of-game cutscene, and cutscenes to introduce bosses. Actual transitions, aside from loading screens, are few and far between. You may end a segment by jumping into a hole in a forest, and immediately start the next segment by exiting a hole in an alleyway. There is no real flowing narrative or connection between levels, which gives it that hacked video game feel.

Much like classic video game pastas, it is not uncommon for the game's music to devolve into static, to see hyper-realistic images randomly pop up on the screen at scripted (or unscripted) times, or see the game's graphics become very dark or bright, almost like the game is glitching up.


Note: The names of these segments are not official.

Segments 1-25

  1. Where Did They Go?
  2. Backwoods Road
  3. Don't Look Back
  4. Chase Me
  5. Hospital
  6. Playground
  7. Night House
  8. Don't Go In the Woods
  9. Dark Hallway
  10. Alleyway
  11. Blood Circus
  12. Spiral Hill
  13. Train's Coming
  14. Tomb
  15. Subway System
  16. Ghost Ship
  17. Run from the Void
  18. Hardbite Mountain
  19. Cornfield
  20. Night Desert
  21. Muscle Tunnel
  22. Stay on the Path
  23. Torture Chamber
  24. Hazardous Water
  25. Narcissa (BOSS LEVEL)

Segments 26-50

  1. I Can See You
  2. Snow Cave
  3. Highway
  4. Campgrounds
  5. Spider Nest
  6. Staircase
  7. Black Void
  8. Blue Temple
  9. Floating Platforms
  10. Put Them to Rest
  11. The Green Beast
  12. Graay Plain
  13. Winter Forest
  14. Garbage Dump
  15. Endless Bridge
  16. Cross the River?
  17. Castle
  18. A God Am I
  19. Jump
  20. Nobody Drowned
  21. Plummeting
  22. Don't Feed the Animals
  23. The Swarm
  24. Move to the Music
  25. Puppette (BOSS LEVEL)

Segments 51-75

  1. Dark City
  2. Stasis
  3. Grabbing
  4. Healthy
  5. Reversed
  6. Watch the Movie
  7. Mass Suicide
  8. Follow the Leaser
  9. Body Water Cave
  10. Dive
  11. Read the Signs
  12. Art Museum
  13. Lake of Blood
  14. Sky Tunnel
  15. Your Turn
  16. Unforgiving
  17. Share the Pain
  18. Quiz
  19. Flesh Canyon
  20. You Can Not Leave
  21. Why?
  22. The Secret Room
  23. Pitch Dark
  24. I Can See You
  25. Sorrow (BOSS LEVEL)

Segments 76-100

  1. No One Can Save You
  2. It's Your Fault
  3. Pagoda
  4. Ancient Feudal
  5. Torn to Shreds


If you would like to either suggest a segment idea OR have one of your pastas be featured as a level, just say so. I will consider it.