I’m really upset now… Thomas was kidnapped and killed today. It’s all over the local news and I hope to God his mother is okay. What’s worse is that they found out information about the killer. I should have gotten the real message. The local paper loosely reads:

“Jamie MacTorthes has been caught and arrested for the murder of over 30 victims. Over the past 12 years, MacTorthes has hung his victims in his forest home in northern New Jersey and disposed of the bodies in a nearby ditch. His most recent victim, identified as a Thomas **********, age 15, was kidnapped last night and killed. His father met the same fate over 10 years ago…”

I feel really bad. This has to do with the game and I know it. Jamie is a serial killer. I don’t really know who to feel sorry for. I am in my room crying, hoping that Jamie doesn’t take me.

Whoever thinks this is a mere coincidence, put together the pieces here. My family doesn’t get it! Everything makes sense. The nearby ditch is the hole at the end of the path. The rope in the house is the same that Jamie used to murder his victims! Jamie is- Jamie! I get everything now!

I don’t really feel like typing anymore. I’m going to log off for the day. R.I.P. Thomas. I hope your death is avenged. I wish this never happened. Thomas, I will make sure to burn the floppy now. I will burn it so nobody can ever track someone with it ever again.