aka Fragola

  • I live in West City
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Photographer for the newspapers.No,I don't do Mr Satan's.
  • I am Human Female with immortality
  • Gola245

    C'mon, you like reading up stuff on this haunted website. You must like scary movies.

    I like the Scream series because most of the ghostface killers are teens like Jeff. I also think that's how Jeff sounds like: The Voice.

    I also like Jeepers Creepers because not only does it sound like a story that should be on this website, but also because the series are directed and written by a child molester (Victor Salva).

    Now, state yours. And I don't care how many are there.

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  • Gola245

    Pasta Monsters Animated

    June 23, 2012 by Gola245

    I found 2 surveys on Facebook: one is for the Jeff the killer movie, and another about a Pasta Monsters animated series!!!! So far,only 3 people answered the Pasta monsters survey,and justHurry up and answer 'em! here are the links:

    Jeff the killer movie:

    Pasta Monsters animated:

    Answer 'em quick, quick, QUICK!!!!


    Write a comment,

    or I'll be violent!!!!

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  • Gola245

    I'm new here

    June 16, 2012 by Gola245

    Hi,I've just found out about Creepypasta last Wednesday,and I've grown obsessed with it.

    In the lost episodes category,I saw something called "South Park real pilot".I already saw the episode before I found it in the category.It has prototypes of the original south park characters,except the Cartman like kid was called Kenny,and the kenny like kid had no name.And to prove that the episode's real,on the episode "Simpsons already did it",Tweek was afraid that if he puts the nose on the snowman,it'll come to life and try to kill them all,to which Stan replies "When did that ever happen except that one time?".

    I want to post a story,but I don't know how.It's real scary and involves a disease from a Chernobyl disaster.

    Also,I'm a Jeff the Killer f…

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