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Lolz, I made this blog as my 69th edit, it was supposed to be a funny one, but I got, nostalgic, I never thought I was gonna make more of 50 edits in this wiki, and I go on until the magic number...

I remember when I joined, I was an jackass user, actually underage(12), I usually got into trouble, AlixeTiir didn't REALLY like me, but I started getting better and better, befriending Hidden and Pengy and Mandator...

I made my first pasta, and I met Shini, she hated me for the first months, now she is a friend of mine, funny how time goes, changing enemies to friends, and friends to enemies, I started getting unactive around my birthday, and summer, I finally got really offline on september, Joined back this july, this time for a long time, I really hope I get to meet new people and maybe clean up the chat a little, bring it to a Silver Age,  Cleric thanks for creating this Wiki, it brought a new phase to my life, and it helped me on some really hard times, I hope I can help it again

NOW, for the TRUE purpose of this blog!!!



FinalClaw OUT!!!

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