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GnomeClaw February 13, 2014 User blog:GnomeClaw

Hello, I'm FinalClaw, not stating my name for privacy, which will be explained later on this blog. Also, I'm Brazillian.

I was born June 20, 1998. Which was the same date as my mom. I'm a person that likes joking and can be dickish sometimes. I'm usually friendly with everyone, and I try not to hate everyone. This is because of my idea that its not worthy to waste your life with negative emotions.

I'm a male heterosexual, but I have a pretty open mind, which makes me have a range of fetishes and sometimes, tastes on certain other people besides males. I'm currently with a girlfriend, so right now I don't have anyone that I would like in that way in this wiki. Although you might see me make a lot of sexual jokes/comments.

I'm a Whovian, Sherlock Fan, Supernatural Fan. I'm also an Otaku, currently watching the anime Kill la Kill. My favorite games are League of Legends, Minecraft, and most games by Square Enix. I love Horror, RPG and Action games.

I've been living in the US for 3 years, so I am a fluent english speaker(I still have a brazilian accent though. My current goal in this wiki is to clean it up, delete/move all the bad pastas and fix up the good ones.

My friends in this wiki are a lot, so if I didn't mention you in this list, its because I forgot XD: Fall, Devin, Maria, Fatal, Moose, Zalgy, Skelly, Hidden, Critic, Finn, Luke/Lucy, Mr. Pengy, Meta, Cas, Last, Sloshed, White, NoOne, Crazy, Dubious, 414, and so on...

I have this internet paranoia in which I don't tell much of my information because I don't want stalkers/pedophiles on my life. So if you know my name/face, that means I trust you :D

If you want to know more about me, comment on what you want to know, I'll probably answer if it doesn't reveal too much of my privacy :3

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