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  • GlowBotDude

    Sorry Guys

    November 25, 2013 by GlowBotDude

    I have not been posting any pastas because the whole week I have been blocked and im not going to say why.Soon I am going to put in my experience with the Midnight Man when I did it a couple of weeks ago and you guys will piss your pants. Just FYI this blog is not suppose to offend anyody so dont take this to serious.

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  • GlowBotDude

    What im doing

    November 19, 2013 by GlowBotDude

    So in these past couple of days I am going to be making new wiki's like Paranormal ones about creepy demon's with no pupil's only dark eyes. And way more. If you want to facebook me goto I will have most of my thoughts and what I am going to upload to this site. Thanks for reading.

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