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September 20, 2012
  • Glorita26

    hello my name is Gloria. I am a reader of creepypasta (sorta into reading them). But I'll tell you the story about how i started the proof... One day, I tried to search "tails doll" that my best friend Tyler sales told me to search. It was when I was 11. when I graguated 7th grade I read tails doll. There was a story about tails doll on the site called " creepypasta wiki" the word called "Creepypasta" seems familar to me. I curiously searched the site creepypasta and there are some stories there. Slender man, the rake, candle cove, haunted games, Jeff the killer, and the lost episodes. One day I heard rumors about the slender man that they say that is real. Some of them said that are fake or made up. I just got an idea. I would probably wo…

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  • Glorita26


    November 17, 2013 by Glorita26

    it's been two years havin dis so im gonna be posting the whole creepypasta proof thing so.. yah

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