so here I am in a new place learning to adapt to what is around me. This is about me. 1. I adapt easily, all I need is to figure it out on my own, then I am good. 2. I am more active at night. 3. I am not a girly girl, number 1 reason is cuz dolls terrify me I you watch horror movies there are some reasons and their smiles, always there, and some dolls never blink so those ones are always watching. 4. You give me rules on how to survive CreepyPasta's I will break all the rules possible, like never play haunted games, what do I do, play haunted games. 5. Internet is my friend. 6. I hallucinate, or I see things that are not real. 7. I like getting banned on certain websites, at the moment I am banned... XD I almost died laughing 8. I laugh at violence and get confused on "funny" stuff 9. I have almost died laughing multiple times 10. I make random stories 11. I need to sleep, as I am typing this it is 11:58 PM on a school night.