Please note that I do not revise my blog posts. There will most likely be some spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I honestly don't feel like revising my blog posts.

I am giving up on the creepypasta I had titled Not Safe. I'm awful at the fairytale writing style and I don't want to make you guys have to read it. Another big reason as to why Not Safe will never be posted is because I personally hated the story. Why do I hate the story? I hate the story because I spent too much time on it. This may sound like it's a good thing, but it's not with me. I hate my own works. I don't know why, I just always do. Anyway, I started writing a new pasta. I'm doing my best to not spend too much time on this one because I actually really like it for the time being. So far there are only 5 characters. These characters consist of 2 round characters, 1 flat character, and 2 characters who are only mentioned. If you're interested in knowing more about it, just tell me. If enough people care, I'll blog weekly updates on it. It's about a new mental doctor getting ready to take the position of an old mental doctor close to retiring. I don't really want to talk about it anymore for the moment because it's still fairly far from being finished at the moment and I'd spoil things I have planned for it.