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  • I was born on July 27
  • I am Genderqueer
  • GhostlyFerret

    Sick Since Thursday

    February 9, 2016 by GhostlyFerret

    I do my best to stay active here, but I'm going to be gone for a little while. I have no idea how long, but I'm hoping it won't be too long. I've been sick since Thurday and I've just been getting worse. Instead of continuing to power through it and do all my normal stuff, I'm going to rest up. This means I won't be working on my stories, I won't be able to look over other stories. The only thing that really matters here is that I won't be able to look over other stories. I love reading stories and letting my thoughts be known. I haven't seen this help anyone yet, but I hope it does soon.

    Anyway, I'll see you guys again once I'm feeling better.

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  • GhostlyFerret

    New Pasta

    February 7, 2016 by GhostlyFerret

    Please note that I do not revise my blog posts. There will most likely be some spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I honestly don't feel like revising my blog posts.

    I am giving up on the creepypasta I had titled Not Safe. I'm awful at the fairytale writing style and I don't want to make you guys have to read it. Another big reason as to why Not Safe will never be posted is because I personally hated the story. Why do I hate the story? I hate the story because I spent too much time on it. This may sound like it's a good thing, but it's not with me. I hate my own works. I don't know why, I just always do. Anyway, I started writing a new pasta. I'm doing my best to not spend too much time on this one becau…

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  • GhostlyFerret

    Update on Not Safe

    September 21, 2015 by GhostlyFerret

    So, after getting a review from someone on the writer's workshop, I started to work on fixing the story. I will be rewriting the first paragraph, fixing all spelling/grammar mistakes, and just polishing the story up in general. I will be making the story more of a fairytale-esque sort of thing. Anyway, I just thought I'd keep you all updated on how things are going.

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  • GhostlyFerret

    A Promise

    September 18, 2015 by GhostlyFerret

    So, I'm just putting this up to let you all know something. Tomorrow, I will finally put up the creepypasta I've been writing up on the writer's workshop. I've written 3 different drafts so far and the last one is the closest to the one that will be up on the workshop. The story itself has taken what feels like forever to get to where it is and I can't wait to put it up. I just hope you all love it as much as I do!

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  • GhostlyFerret

    Stress VS Writing

    September 12, 2015 by GhostlyFerret

    So, I'm almost done writing out my creepypasta, almost ready to type it up, but DANG IT. We all have that one friend, you know, the one who completely ignores you to go hang out with other friends and create drama. So why do they ignore you? They ignore you because you don't put up with all that bull hockey. What do they do once their done hanging out with their other friends? They instantly go complain to you about it and tell you that they "hate" drama. Best part? They won't even give you the full story because they know that you're their one friend who won't put up with that crap, even though you ARE curious about what's going on.

    So, to avoid being that one sack of crap, I'm going to tell you what's going on in my life right now. Why? B…

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