aka Trinity Bragg

  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Art
  • I am agender (I don't mind female pronouns though)
  • GhostieKid

    Things About Me!

    November 13, 2015 by GhostieKid
    • Music: My favorite bands/singers are Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Marina and the Diamonds, The Doors, SlipKnot, and others that I can't think of on the top of my head. I like anything rock or heavy metal. 
    • Relationship Status: Taken. 
    • Personal Life: I live with my mom and brother in Maine. My aunt is a huge part of my life because she's a mega BITCH and stresses the fuck out of me, making my life a living inferno hell. I have a few friends that help me through it though, including my boyfriend. Besides that, my life is pretty decent. 
    • Random Facts: I'm a pothead, I love chicken, horror movies are my favorite thing, American Horror Story is life, Evan Peters needs to marry me, my favorite creepypasta characters are probably Eyeless Jack and Ben Drow…
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