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July 31, 2013
  • Gavin.carter.3158

    So the first of the Kyle series has been posted. Criticism is welcome, but be warned I wrote what Kyle told me to. So if you are being followed by him, well criticism is welcome.

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  • Gavin.carter.3158

    I have a friend that can be crude and creepy with a twist of humor and fear, so with his permission I have decided to write the tested horrors and dark fantastical stories and states he possess. Many of them are thoughts from his mind and some might be real. Be warned for even I fear that if I say the wrong thing or offend him in any way, I will not live much longer. And on that note, the rough drafts description comes to an end, and the writing begins. Now, it's not just him, mind you. He has a twisted entourage, which includes me and three other people. Their names are of no matter now, but you will know them in time. I know I have gone out of order saying the descriptions ended three sentences ago, but then it hit me. A large baseball b…

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