Indeed. Hi everybody. Been a while. I suppose I owe you an explanation for my absence. Several months ago, my trusty HP Pavilion G6 (like a G6!) died without ceremony some time in the night. It felt no pain, dying as it did in its sleep. Personification aside, I had lost my means of writing and posting stories. I had also lost several years worth of work, including several unfinished stories that were going to go up here in a matter of weeks.

So, being poor (and now a college student; more on that in a moment), I did not have the means to purchase a new laptop, or to write more stories. I went into a bit of an existential funk, wherein I lost all sense of my creative identity, drowning as I was in a metaphorical shitstorm because of an awful, life-sucking job, and the seeming inability to create anything worthwhile outside of that job.

But! There is light! My family came swooping in like the Eagles in the Return of the King (not in the Hobbit because fuck you) and said, "Hey, you want to go to college for writing? We'll buy you a laptop, you sad fucker."

So, long story made long, I'm back with new hardware and new ideas. I saw that my rollback rank, was revoked, and rightly so. I saw Empy's message, and you are absolutely right, sir. I'd like to keep my regular user status for now, but I'll totally rip through and edit some stories.

Cheers, Pals!