ok since the chat was shut down meny users are saying thya they are leaving well im here to say that the chat isnt the main thing the storys are  the chat was a gife and like any gife it can be taken away and it bugs me to see people not caring enough to read the work it took hours even weeks to make and people are just leaving I like to edit and wat I like to do is linked with my eemotions meaning if I dont get to do wat I like then im gling be mad and chat is such a problem becuz people dont know to stop on other wikis I get so meny messages saying please come on when im busy and I know a lot of peple like to edit so there going to be busy and its not likd we all just go to this wiki heck a lot of us have our own wikis that we are working on all the time we try and try to make this and other wikis to work on so please before u think u want to leave just remember joining a wiki is a promise ur making and u leave u brake that promis