• GameSmashDash

    Okay I'm pretty hard to piss off, but when my work is taken down, I'm fine with that. But when someone takes it down at least tell me what I could do better next time! I don't want to repeat the same Mistakes! If I repeat the same mistake, I'll end up getting my creepypasta taken down. As a writer I love to be told what I was doing wrong so I don't make the same mistakes! I love trying to fix up a story and see if I can make the story more awesome, but no, for some reason they couldn't tell me! "By the way, you should of done, this and this and this," or something like that so I know what to do better! Just taking it down isn't helping me fix my mistakes so I don't repeat the same miistake over and over. By the way, if you want the creepyp…

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