My experience with banshees was about 2 years ago when i lived in florida. The story is that one day i was sitting at lunch with my older brother which at the time he was 16 we were all sitting around outside just chilling with friends when my kind of friend came up to us (hes goth so you can imagine what he looks like) and asked if i and my friends and my bro would want to go out tonight to the woods because he wanted us to see something scary. in all intents and purposes i was estatic because im always for something scary! well any way school let out and i was excited to go and when we got home we ate and went out. we met "jacob" out in front of the woods. my friends met us out there and we went deep into the woods when we were at a reasonable spot he began to draw a 5 pt star and he st out 6 black flame candles. we all waited until nightfall all of us were set in positions sitting on logs and "jacob" began to do a chant of some sort. when he was chanting i had a chill and felt as if something brushed against me and i started hearing whispers. we were told to remain completely silent and still as i sat i could see shadowy beings rise from each of the stars points. i was breathless and couldnot believ it. as i was starstruck one of my friends broke a piece of wood off of his log and all of the banshees turned to him and screamed at him and began to rush him and at this point i paniked and stood up and they all turned to me and i was frozen. as i began to run i was booking it down the trail and i could see a faint shadow beside me and all i could hear is screaming and faint whispering. my brother was beside me as we reached the hill and we ran down it and didnt stop but the banshees did at the top next to come dowan was my friend. All the lights on the hill went out but lights that were down the side of the hill were still on. my brother told us to wait for "Jacob" we waited for at least an hour and no sign of him was there. he basically vanished to this day the banshees still roam the earth and i never saw Jacob again. e nomine es patrus et fili! God help us all!