I joined the wiki in July 2015 I believe, but I had been writing and enjoying creepy pasta before then. I had been posting some of my own stories to a few different websites and I got a little bit of feedback here and there, but nothing much. I had made a small collection of about 23-25 different short creepypastas and I posted them to those very same websites. But I've since stopped updating my work on those sites and the only website that I still update on besides the wiki, is Wattpad.

But now that I've joined the wiki, I have received the most feedback from here and I've been able to weed out most of the bad elements in my growing collection. This includes everything from bad grammar, plot holes, boring bits, and generally bad stories. So now my collection is up to about nine different stories and those are the ones that I'm most satisfied with, since the polishing and revising.

But sometimes I think, I could really be upping my output in terms of how many stories I post. I had gotten really involved with creepypasta around the middle of 2014 I believe and I had been listening to creepypasta narrations almost every night. Then I began writing my own stories and that's when I ended up posting them to a variety of different sites.

Since then I try to be more careful about the quality of my work. I'm wondering now if that's part of the reason that I don't finish stories as often. But I think, in truth, that it also has to do with the fact that I get stuck with only fragments, basic ideas; but no actual story to go along with sometimes (I.e "What if I wrote about a house haunted by cannibal ghosts? But now where's the story?"). Sometimes that spark of inspiration is hard to turn into something producible. Which usually means, either writing regardless of inspiration and hoping that it somehow helps you along, or waiting for the mood to strike you, as they say.

Either way, I'm always wondering if I should be a more prolific writer, especially since all of my stories are only around a few hundred to 1,000+ words. Or if prolific writing is even an issue at all. I'm not even really sure, but I'm inclined to believe the former.

Anyways, I'd love to know what you guys think, if anything at all.