Hello my dearest horror fans. I am Grungle Machine, the mysterious lurker of strange and unknown wikis. Besides that however, I am a Creepypasta fan on this fascinatingly popular website.

You probably met me in other forms before, even if you don't know it you have seen me around, perhaps as someone else? But that doesn't matter, I only ever use my main account on this wiki. Why taint your pure account with such terrible places all around the web? I believe this is the only time you'll ever see me here, as for using an alternate account is dangerous, because as we all know by those terrible PotM incidents, sock puppeting is a problem. So there is no need to fear, I sit here just to inquire.

I have come here in an anonymous form to ask a simple question. A peculiar one indeed, but quite lead to a fascinating discovery.

Tulpas. Now, you may have read the story Tulpa, it is indeed a mighty fine story. But even the greatest of horror stories aren't truthful, because reality is god damn boring. (Unless you make it more.)

I thought that this wiki would have some sort of interest in peculiar phenomenon, or even something... paranormal? It would be interesting to see what the community thinks of the idea, outside of the story itself. Would it be safe to make one? I know the idea of a tulpa taking over or becoming evil is ludicrous, but I want to see your side from another point of view. Psychologically.

I am a big fan of psychology, it's just so fascinating to see how the human mind works., why people are they way they are. That's why Tulpas captivate me. Can you really make a physical copy of your subconscious, manifest into some type of imaginary friend? I know people have done it, and there a wide variety of people who have become tulpamancers. But the thing is, could making one damage our fragile mind? Are we literally forcing a delusion, creating mental illness where there shouldn't be one? You can't cause mental illness, that just occurs through genetics and such.

So that is why I've come here. To see your opinion, to see the very wiki who hosts the story featuring the creature to tell me about this idea. I know most people here wouldn't have one, but it's nice to see an outsiders opinion. Is it safe to form one, and do you think it has a permanent affect on our mind?

Thank you and goodbye.