I think it's long overdue that I write something that isn't me incriminating myself or being up to date in world events. So what has happened since the new year? (Time to bore everyone to death! Yay!)

  • Started my spring semester of my freshman year of college. For some reason I'm taking 34 credit hours this year (17 for each semester), but I'm earning 41. Apparently I did well on several placement exams to test out of certain classes and earn the credits for them.
  • I recently got an opportunity for a job interview for a video analyst at a local security company. If hired, I would work every Sunday for 12 hours looking at security cameras, verifying and dispatching medical, fire, and medical alarms, and basically reporting any illegal or suspicious activity.

UPDATE: I think I may have gotten the job. Awaiting more information from my reference guy. I'm keeping more detailed specifics of the job private for obvious reasons, but other than that, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Slacking in terms of overall activity on the site due to unsung things of my personal life. Sure, I'll try and be more active, but from what I have seen, a lot of people have come and "taken my place," but...

"Wait, that last one is unrelated!"

"Well, what do you want me to do about it? Change it to something else, remove it entirely, or what?"

"Well why not just copy-"

"NO. No. We're not doing this again! Here, let me type something."

"OK, fine."

Sorry about that. I almost got carried away. Anyways, I thought I'd give a short rundown on how my personal life has been outside of CPW and possibly planned for the future. I do apologise if I sounded like I was droning on, but it's just what I wanted to say is all.

Other than that, have a nice day.

- Simba, G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY, or the 1,000+ nicknames I have.

UPDATE: Seeing Tio's announcement of his graduation (Congrats, buddy), I am contemplating posting MY pictures from graduation (if I can find them). I seriously think we start trends for the heck of it sometimes.