A lot of people on here have probably heard of the Creepypasta Wiki Theme Song Contest, organized by Callie (Steam Phoenix). The objective of this entire contest is to showcase the musical talents of the users of the Creepypasta Wiki. The rules are simple. People have to create song that is any genre and has to showcase the Wiki as a whole, not a particular pasta(s). The one thing that made me mad that it has to be the artist's OWN WORK. The rules do say you can use samples, but the song has to be your own work.

So, what's the problem? The problem is that you have comments that include YouTube links and people giving "credit" to the person who created it. Shit like this makes me wonder "Did any of these people read all of the rules, and if they did, do they have a short attention span that they forgot that they cannot post anyone else's work and pass it off as their own?" Being one of the judges for the contest, if any of these people tried to submit something like that for their entry, they would be disqualified right on the spot, just to teach them a lesson on common sense.

Speaking of judging the contest, why would anyone even judge a person's entry if it is not their own work? This entire contest is centered around originality. Plus, it EXPLICITLY states that you can use samples, but the work has to pertain to you. In all honesty, I feel sorry for Callie for having to go through the comments on that post looking for any "legit" entries and not someone giving credit to someone else. All of the replies on that thread that give credit to someone else have since been removed, but the absurdity of them remains. This contest goes on until Halloween, so I am not looking forward to the entries that I have to judge and have to do research to see if it the entry is original work or not.