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  • I live in Pride Rock, Africa
  • My occupation is Ruler of the Pride Lands
  • I am Male
  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    Yeah, I know the title is a joke because I feel like I edit here every once in a blue moon, but that's besides the point. I'm coming up on 20 years old and I'm still fucking around on the Internet. How? I forgot a long time ago. But after finally getting a girlfriend (who I've been dating for the past 3 months) and getting my life sorted out for the most part (again), I feel like coming back here just seemed right for some reason because this was how I started to get more involved, for lack of a better phrase, in the online community. Yes, I still remember a lot of names around here because I've never forgotten them, but it's always nice to meet those unfamiliar to me.

    - Gator/Simba/1,000+ nicknames I have.

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  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    Shit. I'm back here again, aren't I? Let's do this.

    Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I guess I've decided to come back to the place that I've known for over three years now - Creepypasta Wiki.

    From what I have seen since I've returned, a lot of familiar faces that I've known for a while have left the scene and some new ones have popped up. To those new faces, the name's Simba (Or if you prefer my username, then it's Gator). With 2016 nearing the point where it should be ringing its death rattle (Or would that be America?), CPW kept creeping up on me to come back. And guess what? I finally managed to work up the courage to do so. If you do remember/recognise me, it's nice to see a familiar face. If you don't, then I extend the oppor…

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  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    Life: Part Dos

    July 27, 2016 by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    Huh. Never thought I'd be back to write another update blog, but I guess I have to because I have some projects and other things coming up that I thought I'd just get out of the way.

    • Since I couldn't mention this in my last blog since it's archived now (Yay for laziness), I may as well do it here. I got the job as a video analyst and have been working for the past two months. It does get tiring sitting there for 12 hours a day when mostly nothing happens, the banter that my coworkers give keep me energized and entertained. It's a great job and a great starter job. Beats working in fast food.
    • My birthday is 2 1/2 weeks away (13 August) and I am planning on writing a "history blog post" that details my time on the Wiki so far. I was originally…
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  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY


    April 20, 2016 by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    I think it's long overdue that I write something that isn't me incriminating myself or being up to date in world events. So what has happened since the new year? (Time to bore everyone to death! Yay!)

    • Started my spring semester of my freshman year of college. For some reason I'm taking 34 credit hours this year (17 for each semester), but I'm earning 41. Apparently I did well on several placement exams to test out of certain classes and earn the credits for them.
    • I recently got an opportunity for a job interview for a video analyst at a local security company. If hired, I would work every Sunday for 12 hours looking at security cameras, verifying and dispatching medical, fire, and medical alarms, and basically reporting any illegal or suspic…
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  • G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY

    I'm pretty sure I've ran this into the ground in the past, but I'll bring it up again. 1 January 2016 (Technically, this is going up on 2 January) marks one year to the day that I was the centre of controversy involving plagiarism. No, I'm not here to deny that it happened; I have already taken complete responsibility for my actions. I'm here to explain what has happened in the time up until 2 July (The day I returned to the Wiki) and the long-term aftermath of the controversy.

    1. Has lead me to becoming involved with the controversial Wiki known as Starpolar (Which was active around the time I was blocked to late this past summer/early fall). This in turn has lead to a lot of rumours about me and my personal life, such as the following.

    • "Hi…
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